Lincoln Park Capital

Chicago-based Investment Group and Asset Management Firm focused on opportunistic investing in public and private companies, real estate and high alpha money management strategies. LPC believes that opportunistic investing and long term thinking go hand in hand and strives to make investments that align incentives and lead to long term mutually beneficial relationships. We base our investment decisions on our fundamental analysis, due diligence process and experience. We make investments with a long-term focus knowing that economic, business, and market cycles demand that investors be patient.

LPC's principals have significant public and private equity, investment banking, business consulting and legal and accounting expertise. This expertise affords LPC a broad understanding of the capital markets and an ability to structure creative, simple and effective investments which will not only serve partner companies' needs but will be well received by the capital markets.

Our flexible terms and innovative investment structures empower management to focus on their business while our track record, relationships and experience enable us to be more than just a financial investor but a true value added partner to our portfolio companies and fellow stakeholders.